Bright Eyes Program

Program Description

This program provides one pair of eyeglasses per school year to eligible children (infant – 12th Grade) of active duty service members in the Kaiserslautern Military Community. Qualifying applicants may present their paperwork to the KMCC AAFES Optical Shop for a credit of up to $89.95 towards a pair of eyeglasses.

*Costs over $89.95 will be covered by Sponsor.*


· Active-Duty Sponsor and family members assigned to and living in the KMC area.
· Dependents are infants through grade 12 students.
· Dependents must be screened and qualify for enrolment in the Free Lunch Program through

Either the 86 MSG/School Liaison Officer (SLO) Bldg 2118 at Ramstein Air Base or the USAG-K SLO, Pulaski Barracks in Bldg 2925 and be issued the Bright Eyes Memo.

Financial Support

The Bright Eyes Program is supported with contributions from the Welfare Committee of the Kaiserslautern Landstuhl Spouses’ Association (KLSA). Funding for this program is generated trough the Landstuhl and Pulaski Thrift Shops.

Administrative Support

KLSA provides organizational support for the program through a chairperson and manages funding through its treasure. Additional support is provided by the School Liaison Offices of the KMC and the KMCC AAFES Optical shop.


For DODDS Students:

1. The school nurse will conduct vision screening at school and will send results home if child needs further evaluation.

2. Sponsor/Guardian will then make an appointment with an optometrist either at the LRMC Optometry Clinic or the Ramstein KMCC Optometry Clinic.

3. If child needs glasses and the Sponsor/Guardian wants to use the Bright Eyes Program, they would then see the School Liaison Office (SLO) to be screened for Free Lunch Program eligibility. If he or she qualifies, he or she would then receive a Bright Eyes memorandum stating that they qualify for the program. An application is available on the USAG Kaiserslautern website:

4. Sponsor/Guardian would then visit the Ramstein Optical Shop and present a valid eyeglass prescription and the Bright Eyes Memo from the SLO to receive a credit towards the purchase of a pair of eyeglasses not to exceed $89.95. If different or more expensive lenses or frames are desired, the additional cost is incurred by the Sponsor/Guardian, not KLSA.

*KLSA only pays up to $89.95-no exceptions.

For Non-DODDS child/dependet:

1. Parent/Guardian identifies that their child needs to see an optometrist and makes the appointment at either LRMC Optometry Clinic or Ramstein KMCC Optometry Clinic.

2. Follow steps 3 and 4 above.

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